About Me

I understood while pursuing my Bachelors that it is vital to hold knowledge of things you want to do in your life. I love the Stock Market World , nothing intrigues me more than learning how various businesses work. Thus began my journey of learning something new and informative every day.

Not everyone truly understands the importance of both Wealth and Health. If you don’t have one you cannot achieve the other. I take both of them very seriously.

For Good Wealth:

After working for 1.5 years at Eclerx and Thomson Reuters , i have learned one thing that You should not work for money , you should make money work for you. Good thing I realized this at the Age of 21, which even now i feel was really late of me to start investing.

Looking at my mother buy only good quality vegetables and other household things at optimum or cheap prices and then putting the savings in bank, a habit of value seeking and saving was inculcated. I took it a step further and started investing.

I am a value investor by nature. I hold my investments purely for the long term. However I take up positional holdings in IPOs and in some scrips experiencing breakouts via technical analysis with duration ranging from hours to a couple of days. I started investing in December 2015.

For Good Health:

Today good health means going to the gym. Bullshit!

Good health means healthy body and healthy mind. After hitting gym without improper nutrition and rest I realized , good health is not just “ hitting the gym” , its good nutrition , relaxation and most of all having fun while doing it. Good health is about changing your lifestyle.

What’s the purpose of going to the gym and then eating Pizza and Coke every day? What’s the purpose of making a good physique if you can’t even control your food habits.

Eat healthy , stay focused and work hard. Results will show. And yes , do have a Pizza and coke once in a while.

I competed in the Inter University Bodybuilding competition in Manipal University in 2015. (got a 3rd place in my weight category 70–75 for which i had lost almost 7–10 kgs). Also i have been mentioned on Healthkart as a fitness story.


After the competition , going to the gym has been a distorted affair , but my physique has been maintained because of healthy food , proper rest and healthy measures such as climbing the stairs , walking short distances and avoiding oily / sweet / salty foods. Everybody can do it , it just requires consistent hard work.

What I am currently doing

I am a proud student of the National Institute of Securities Markets studying Post Graduate Degree in Quantitative Finance. I am also a NISM certified Research Analyst , License: NISM-201700120576 (Sept 29, 2017 to Sept 29, 2022).

Why this Blog?

Unhealthy Food Choices and Unhealthy Financial Choices can destroy your life. My Blog will help you to avert those bad choices. So what’s the wait for? Lets start learning:

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With Love,

Aditya Kondawar