Are you a Jain Vegetarian who has been told you cannot get a ripped physique? Meet Shah’s story will make you debunk this myth!

It was back in 2010, I was roaming at the college with my colleagues discussing regarding our college project & one of my colleagues advised us to take the topic of bodybuilding.

The research began & the conclusion came that it was near impossible that a vegetarian can build a good muscular body and these lines hurt me a lot.

Being a Jain & vegetarian, It was extremely difficult for me to transform myself from a 48kg guy to a well-built guy. This is how I looked like then –

I joined the gym, started working hard but was extremely tough for me to put on muscles even with a proper vegetarian diet as it lacks in proteins.

I kept myself busy with whatever stuff was available to me: Reading Articles, Motivating workout videos, Arnold speeches, Kai Greene videos-these were always on top of my youtube watchlist.

After 3 years, my transformation picked up and I am getting recognition from my colleagues then I started boxing and it helped me transform dramatically.

Back in 2015, I entered into a competition of basic fitness challenge and it helped me with great experience.

2019 – Today I weigh 81 kgs and I can confidently state that I am a guy having a well-built body. I have also won a pullups challenge competition held at the biggest private Gym of our country – KG Fitness (ex-gym where I used to work out) and all the credit goes to my Dad & Bhargav Sir(KG Fitness)& Vijay Sir(Barbarian Fitness) who constantly motivated me and guided me through my journey. This is how I look now –

Today, people meet me and appreciate me for the efforts I took and the subsequent results.

It was an extremely tough journey to change the mentality of the people that Jain & Vegetarian cannot build a muscular and a ripped physique.
Currently, My diet consists of 120Grams of proteins. (active days)
Moderate Good carbs and healthy fats. (active days)

Diet plan:-

Pre-breakfast: – Lukewarm water and 250 ml Haldi (Turmeric) milk.

Breakfast:- Oatmilk, a handful of dry nuts, Apple with peanut butter. (Dates optional.)

Brunch:- Raw Greenies Salad. (Broccoli,lettuce,etc.)

Lunch:- Mom-made yummy Indian food. (I eat quinoa instead of rice.)

High Coffee: -Black Coffee.

Pre-work:- 100 grams paneer.(at least 40 mins prior to my workout)

After workout- Vegan Protein Shake.

Dinner:- Again mom-made delicacies with 200 to 300 grams dahi (Curd).

I hope my journey will motivate everyone else to strive hard for their respective goals.

If your mind can conceive it, You will achieve it because normal SUCKS.”-Joey Swoll.

If you have any queries I am open to sharing my knowledge with all at

My sincere thanks to Aditya, for giving me the platform to present myself with my bodybuilding journey.

Happy Pumping guys.💪


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