GTPL Hathway IPO Review

Gujarat-based cable TV and broadband services provider GTPL Hathway’s IPO will open next week to raise nearly INR485 crore through a mix of fresh shares and sale by existing investors. Priced in the range of INR167 – 170 per share, GTPL IPO will open on 21 June and will have some overlap with CDSL IPO

My Fitness Journey (2012 Till now)

 I weighed 97 kg in 2012 while in my 12th Grade. It was around that time i felt that i should lose some weight and get fit because I was not able to run properly while playing basketball. I started with running and reduced my weight to 91 kg , but since i was living


Introduction CDSL or Central Depository Services Limited is a Depository. A Depository facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry.The Depository Participant (DP), who as an agent of the depository, offers depository services to investors. According to SEBI guidelines, financial institutions, banks, custodians, stockbrokers, etc.