Q3FY19 roundup and other interesting takeaways from the stock market this week – A Story in Infographics!

Now that Q3FY19 earnings have ended, I thought I should summarize and provide a bird’s eye view for 5 Sectors. And as always, some key takeaways from the Stock market this week – all in infographics! Which Airline’s “Udaan” was the highest in Q3FY19? Hello? Hello? Which telecom company “connected” and “disconnected” with its profits?

A Picture is worth a Thousand words! Here are the pictures/infographics in the stock market and in general that caught my attention! Want to be in the top 1%? Here’s what its gonna take! The best Infographic of the Century! Jugaad – The Chinese Way! Indications of a Bear Market? Mutual Funds Sahi hain? Markets